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Assistance to remain independent in your home...
"Our Mission is to provide home care; health-related and educational services; and alternate resources to the under-privileged and under-served populations of the State of Maine. Most specifically, for those individuals and families who wish to remain independent within their own living environment."
a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization

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We are aware of  how important it is for individuals to be able to remain in their homes when they become handicapped or elderly.  Yet for some, without help, it is nearly impossible.

There are also some, who have had home care services in the past, but due to extenuating  circumstances, such as; financial status, or exhausted resources; they no longer qualify for other services.  As a result, Independent Home Resources has developed a unique program to assist the specific needs of these individuals, so that most are still able to safely remain at home with a qualified caregiver, while maintaining their indepenedence.

Independent Home Resources also understands the need for many who are homeless; needing assistance when facing life changing circumstances; or those who are just looking for alternate resources.  We strive to be of assistance to the many individuals needing a helping hand during difficult times.